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Coney Island Film Festival Brooklyn New York September 20th


Diaspora Festival of Black and Independent Film Chapel Hill North Carolina September 25th


The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Brooklyn New York May 7th to May 11th


Langston Hughes African American Film Festival Seattle Washington April 26th to May 4th

THE WAVES my first short film is now complete. I have a final cut which I agonized over as a first time editor but I feel this cut is bona fide. The film has been entered into several Festivals.

Now onto my new film projects and a continuation of my video experiments. Many many thanks to Cast and Crew.



With the Oscar Nominations announced I thought about what films have stayed with me. Many of them were not on the Oscar list so I wanted to give them shine. There are many I missed and many I am suppose to have loved but the films that follow are in my opinion unique and lasting. 

Blue Caprice

Neighboring Sounds

The Act of Killing

Upstream Color

The Place Beyond the Pines

Crystal Fairy and The Magical Cactus


Wolf of Wall Street

Post Tenebras Lux

Simon Killer

Notable Mention

* James Franco’s Monologue “Look At My Shit” – Spring Breakers

Gimme the Loot

Room 237

Berberian Sound Studio

A Band Called Death


We Are What We Are

To Be Seen and Esteemed

Short Term 12



Any Other Suggestions Appreciated..



Editing my first short film:
The Waves
Output from Premiere Pro to Large Screen. It’s coming together. So excited. Can’t wait to make more..

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This is where I’ve been. Looking in the clouds, waiting for a train not really moving.

I have love, hate and awe for this city. I love it in the summer when it’s empty and hot.